Morning Mist Nubians and Boers

Barnesville, OH

Welcome to our home on the World Wide Web. Morning Mist herd is part of Rockwell's Journey's End Jerseys ( located on about 120 acres in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We are located in SE Ohio just off of I-70. We have had goats here on the farm for over almost two decades now.

 We are focusing on raising Boer, Nubian and crosses. Our herd sires are either Fullblood Boer, Purebred Nubian, or Boer crosses.

We record/register a selection of our dairy does and bucks. We have not seen any benefit to registered/recording our Boers for our purposes. Our Junior Boer herdsire has his application for registration since the breeders liked him that much.

Our herd has been tested for CAE when money has permitted. Our last full adult herd test was in 2013 with spot testing throughout the rest of the time. Any animal sold can be tested for CAE through Biotracking and generally are before being offered for sale as adults. Test results for the herd are available upon request and the most recent whole herd test can be found here- .

 Go ahead and take a look around. The pages are fairly self explanatory and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at

We can be found under Morn*Mist herdname with ADGA.

This website has not been thoroughly updated since roughly 2012 or so. We are still breeding goats and still run a large herd (100+ breeding head). I have hopes of getting back to this page at some point and attempting to update. I do not believe any of our Purebred Polled Nubians are even listed on the doe pages. We have spent time focusing on our Polled breedings in both the Boer and Nubian side. Kiddings tend to run from January- July at the latest. Our goals are January- May. We can now be found on Facebook as well.